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Our club is very fortunate in having second hand clothing and equipment for sale at very reasonable prices (see Cheryl Mason for more details). Second hand bowls are sometimes available for sale - see the Coaches or Sally Hopkins for more information. Also eBay and Amazon often have very competitive prices.

Here are some other useful links for you to research - 
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Henselite - Leaders in lawn bowls, clothing and accessories worldwide
Buying, selling or part exchanging bowls - John Scotney - 01922 620638 

Obviously bowls and flat bowling shoes are the absolute essentials but here are some suggestions that many players gradually collect. 

Carrying your bowls – there are various options

  • BOWLS CARRIERS, (cheapest option) made of webbing and can either hold 2, 3 or 4 bowls
  • BOWLS BAGS with handles, made of waterproof material, have zipped lids, usually hold 2 bowls
  • BOWLS KIT BAGS with handles, not only do they hold all four bowls in the bottom zipped up section, there are different compartments to hold your bowling shoes, wet weather gear, measure, score card etc
  • BOWLS CASES on wheels, the most expensive option but seen by many as an absolute necessity if you are playing in away matches as there is no heavy weight to carry. They come in different sizes and are purpose built to carry your bowls in one section, while having plenty of room and compartments to hold your bowling shoes, wet weather gear, measure, score card etc

Bowls Cloth – this is used to clean your bowls just before you bowl, and to dry your hands and bowls in wet or sweaty conditions. A small towel, or microfibre cloth is acceptable, there is no need to buy a special “bowls cloth”. Some players find a synthetic chamois cloth (sold for polishing a car) particularly helpful in very wet conditions as they absorb so much moisture.

Score card holder and pen/pencil – although these are provided by the club for competitions, you will find it useful to have your own for keeping score while playing Umbrellas and Roll Ups.

(9 ft String) Bowls measure – used to measure the distance between the jack and whichever bowl is closest to it. There is an 11ft version but although it is useful to measure bowls that are a very long way from the jack, they are seldom needed.

Chalk – either a piece of chalk or Spray Chalk (new ones available from the Club’s Second Hand Shop/Cheryl Mason or from the clubhouse bar). Used to make a mark on any bowl that touches the jack and is then called a "toucher".

Coin - to toss to decide who has the mat

Club Stickers for your bowls - available from the Bar or ask your Captain for a set

Single white glove – used by a few players in order to get a good grip on their bowl, and achieve a consistent delivery. Although there are bowls gloves available, a cheap white golf glove from a local sports outlet will do just as well. A glove is definitely not essential, but good to know about. 

Grippo & similar products – used by a few players in order to get a good grip on their bowl, and achieve a consistent delivery, particularly in wet or hot sweaty conditions. It comes in a tube and the sticky paste is rubbed on you bowling fingers & thumb. Some find the tackiness off putting and messy, while others find it a great help. Here is a link to a good selection of these types of products, but they can be bought in various web shops if you shop around - Bowls Grip and Polish Archives - Bowlsdirect

Bowls lifter – used to pick either the jack or the bowl up without the need to bend down. There are a number of different makes and designs available both new and second hand. Sally personally recommends the telescopic Acclaim Bowls & Jack Lifter as it is easy to pack away small in a bowls case, yet quick to open and use. It is also a fast way to push and move the jack to the correct position when either playing Skip or acting as a Marker in Singles competitions.

Bowling Aids – Our Coaches have a complete set of approved bowling aids which can be used to grasp and deliver the bowl, rather than having to bend down and bowl the usual way. These coaching aids belong to the Club, are not for sale and are not available for use outside coaching sessions. They come in 4 sizes – Short, Medium, Tall, and Wheelchair. Please ask the Coaches if you can be shown how to use them and work out what length is appropriate. Then once you are sure it is of help then you can confidently buy one from various internet suppliers. This video will help you see how they are used. VIDEO   
Be aware that you have to learn how to set up your bowl in the “arm” so that the bias and angle/direction are similar to how you would hold it in your hand. There is a new skill to learn in order to get accuracy.

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