Fixed Jack Competitions 
(and a training exercise)

Ladies - Doris Payne
Mens - Don Stanton

There are two internal club competitions in this format, each played on a fixed date. Entries are accepted at the start of the season on Paying In Day. 

Both competitions are -  singles, 2 bowls, 16 ends, three games (all played in one day). 

Before the competition starts the Greens Team will measure out the maximum and minimum lengths of the jack, and push golf tees into the ground to mark these positions. This is extremely helpful and allows the games to run quickly and smoothly throughout the day, as neither player has to bowl the jack, or check that it is centred.

As this is a Singles competition Markers will be required. The Competition Secretary asks for volunteers who very kindly give up their time in order for this competition to take place, and we are extremely grateful to them all.

At the start of the game a coin is tossed - the winner goes first on the mat and chooses whether to start with a Long or Short jack. For the purposes of this explanation we will say that Player A won the toss and chose to start with a Long 

jack. After this initial decision of how to start the game, there is a fixed formula which cannot be changed.
Ends 1 & 2; 5 & 6; 9 & 10; 13 & 14 - "Long"
At the start of each of these ends the Marker will place the jack on the Long point (ie the furthest that the Jack can be from the Mat). Meanwhile the mat is placed by the player on the Long jack position at the other end and both players play a "normal" singles end.

Ends 3 & 4; 7 & 8; 11 & 12; 15 & 16 - "Short"
As above except the Marker places the jack in the Short position (ie minimum length from the mat)

Excellent Training/Roll Up exercise
This format is highly recommended for practicing when doing roll ups and as training drills. It helps players hone their accuracy skills on being able to reach these two extremes of jack length. Once mastered, this skill provides formidable challenges for their opponents when playing in all forms of competition. 

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