Two position (Fours)

"Can be the least stressful position.... ideal for novices "

This is the least stressful position when bowling in a team of 4 players (Fours). You don’t have the extra duties of the Lead and there are already four bowls in the head to help you gauge what weight and line to bowl. Your Skip may ask you to bowl either forehand or backhand in order to build the head, but will usually make allowances (particularly for novices) if one side is more accurate for you than the other. 

  • You are in charge of the scorecard for your team (sometimes your Skip will do this). Make sure you have a pen/pencil that works, together with the scorecard and its holder that your Skip will give to you before the start of the game.
  • Stand well back from the mat (ideally near the bowls on the left hand side) whilst the Leads are bowling. Keep still and do not talk, as this can distract the bowlers on the mat.
  • Watch how far the jack has been put. While the Leads are bowling, begin to decide how much weight you will need when it is your turn to bowl - is it a short or a very long jack? Each end will be different.
  • Another thing to watch for is the line that the leads bowl. Is the Skip asking them to bowl mostly on the forehand or backhand (perhaps because the green is better one side than the other)? The Skip is planning and building the head. You are part of the team and so your bowls will soon become part of the Skip's strategy. 
  • After the Leads have bowled their bowls, it is your turn. You should have a good idea of what has been happening so far and you will be ready to support your Skip in their strategy.
  • Pick up your bowl and go on to the mat from the left hand side. Stay calm, take a deep breath and look at your Skip for their instructions on where they want you to bowl. Please do not get stressed worrying about whether you can bowl exactly where they want you to go. Skips understand that you are trying your very best, and each end and match are wonderful opportunities for learning.
  • Ideally you will be asked to draw to the jack in order to build the head and have shot wood. However, if your bowl finishes in front of the head, then the Skip can use that as a "blocker" to protect subsequent bowls, or they can knock it towards the jack. If your bowl finishes behind the head, then it may be very useful if the jack is knocked back and your bowl may become shot wood. No bowl is wasted as long as it stays in the rink and does not go in the ditch! You will not be asked to bowl with weight in order to "Fire" - that is not a Two's task.
  • As soon as  your bowl comes to rest possession of the rink transfers to your opponent, and you must leave the mat (preferably on the right hand side).
  • After you have bowled both your bowls, retire to the back of the rink and watch what the Threes do. Remember to stand still and stay quiet, so as not to cause any distraction.
  • After the Threes have bowled their bowls it is time to change ends - be ready to follow them quietly up the rink and don't get distracted. 
  • Do not walk through the head when changing ends, you may accidentally move a bowl. Instead walk to the side of the head, while still staying in your rink.
  • Take up a position well back from the head (not in front of the rink number), keep quiet, and do not move until the end has been finished. Hand and arm movements can be particularly distracting for Skips on the mat, breaking their concentration while they are getting ready to perform a challenging shot.
  • Concentrate and watch what your team mates are doing, after all this is a team game!
  • Once an end has finished, your Three will tell you (and the Skip) who had shot and what the score was for that end. It is vitally important that you write down the score on your card straight away, checking with the other team's Two that you both agree the number of ends now done and the overall score.
  • Amend the score board - adding the winning shots to either "home" or "away" and the total number of ends played so far.
  • Then help the Leads by gently nudging the bowls into a group or line so that they can easily collect them all up using the pusher. This really helps the game move along more quickly and becomes less tiring for everyone. 
  • Whilst the Leads are setting up for the next end, adjust the scoreboard so that the scores of both teams are as up to date as possible. Make sure not to stand in front of the ring number while adjusting the scoreboard as this prevents the Skip from judging if the mat is correctly centered.

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